Ruthann Carroll

"Excellent, so impressed with the massage and the how i was treated. I felt relaxed just walking into the house. I couldn't tell the difference between her feet ands her hands."  


 "A great massage experience! I came to Tammy with an acute back injury. She was very attentive and knowledgeable. Tammy provided a thorough 90 minute whole body massage which left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I have also had the 90 minute ashiatsu massage which is amazing and Tammy applied the perfect amount of pressure. Tammy is very professional and courteous and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a relaxing massage while still focusing of those problems areas."   

Sue Dullege

"My first ashiatsu massage was a wonderful experience. What an excellent technique, very relaxing and perfect pressure. Tammy worked every muscle expertly and the atmosphere was peaceful and calming. I strongly suggest Tammy and her skills to anyone with neck and back issues, and basically, anyone who wants to feel mentally and physically rejuvenated." 

Sherri Browning

 "What a great massage! As Tammy had been recommended to me, I knew that it would be a positive experience. It was more than that - it was unique with just the right pressure on my back (without any soreness the day after.) I wanted to treat myself before going back to work after some time off, and this was the perfect gift :) "

Wendy Crouse

 "Thank you Tammy, my daughter and I had a wonderful experience yesterday. My shoulder hasn't felt this great in a long time. I raved at work about my awesome experience. I will definitely recommend you."  

Sandy Rees


"I have been getting massages with Tammy for almost 6 months after she was recommended to me by a friend. I am so glad I took my friend's advice. I enjoy the whole experience when I go. The massage feels fantastic of course, but it is the whole atmosphere of peace and tranquility that I enjoy just as much. Tammy has a peaceful aura about her and I feel totally stress free and relaxed when I leave. I cannot recommend her enough. She has been so good for me. Thanks Tammy."




"An outstanding experience and I will be returning.  Absolute professional, the quick and efficient communication, and incredible massage truly impressed me.  I particularly appreciated the attention to detail and tranquil environment.   Thank you and see you soon."

Michael W.

"I have been getting 'maintenance'  massage treatments from RMTs for my shoulders for many years. With a friend's recommendation I booked a session with Tammy this week.  I was very impressed.  Tammy took time at the interview stage to listen well and to formulate a treatment method. I agreed to the Ashiatsu massage.  The entire process was effective and relaxing, and Tammy is generous with her time. I'll book again! Thanks, Tammy."


"Professional, courteous, and a great Massage. Great techniques and taking the time to get to know the patient and needs. Highly recommended!" 

Judy W.

"What a wonderful experience. Very thorough, professional and most of all, very effective! Thank you Tammy!"


"Thanks for the excellent experience.  Just loved my massage and will definitely be going for more.  Best one I have had."  

Jason Collier

"I've tried various different physio & Massage before but never ashiatsu so I decided to give it a go. I suffer with bad lower back pain and neck pain. I went for 90 minutes. From start to end Tammy exceeded my expectations and I found myself at times feeling like I was in paradise and certainly very relaxed and lets you forget all your stress! Very professional and I will repeat. My back felt wonderful afterwards including the days that followed. Thank you Tammy."



Ken Nunn

"As a man of few words, but not really, This was the absolutely best massage experience ever and I would highly recommend Tammy to anyone who requires such therapy."

Sarah Layman

"I have been receiving treatments from tammy on a monthly basis for some time.  I feel fantastic leaving each and every time.  The massage is second to none and I would never think to go anywhere else!"

Curtis Carter

"My wife and I booked back to back 90 minute massages for our anniversary and will do so every year from now on.  I broke my shoulder a few years ago and feel the effects everyday but after Tammy's massage it felt fantastic for weeks!  If I could afford it we would be there everyday! Best Massage I ever had!"

Bailly Carter

"My husband and I have been going to Tammy for our anniversary for the last 3 years and hope to do so for the next 50!  I highly recommend her, she is fantastic! Before meeting with Tammy I had never heard of Ashiatsu before but after my 90 minutes massage I will never go back to a hands massage ever!   I dream daily about returning it was absolutely amazing!"

D Vader

"I had a very positive and relaxed experience with Meridian Massage. This was my first Ashiatsu massage. I will continue to get my massages from Tammy. Exceptional professional service."

Earl Monds

"Because I have been plagued for many years with back problems, I was very pleased to find relief with the treatments of massage and reflexology that I have been receiving from you Tammy. It's very reassuring to know that when I run into problems I can call on you for help. You have never failed to come through for me with much needed relief when I have a flare up with my back and I have always been happy with the results. Thanks Tammy."



David H.

"Ashiatsu massage is the best massage available that I know of that will do deep tissue massage without the discomfort.  No elbows or fingers digging into your skin to get to those deep muscles, just feet walking all over you. This is has been quite beneficial for me as it has relieved a lot of tightness and pain in my back and shoulders.  Done quicker and easier than a regular massage.  Highly recommended."

Di Z.

"Tammy is a truly talented massage therapist and have helped me greatly with my muscle aches and tension. I have had massages by therapists in several countries and you are among the best!" 

"I have been going to Meridian Massage frequently for about three years now and highly recommend both the business and its proprietor Tammy. Once in a while you come across someone who is talented, passionate, and simply wonderful at their chosen career and Tammy is that person. She gives me relief from muscle and joint pain caused by sports injury and rheumatoid arthritis. She is caring, friendly, responsive to my specific aches and pains, and adept at using multiple massage techniques to resolve my problems. I wholeheartedly recommend her and Meridian Massage."

Erin H

"Tammy is amazing! with only a couple visits, she has managed to relieve the tension and pain in my shoulder and back. She is very professional and extremely helpful with my concerns and questions. Meridian Massage is definitely my weekly go-to spot now to relax and decompress. Highly recommended!"


"I decided to try Meridian Massage after researching online for a therapist that specialized in ashiatsu techniques which I had always been curious about. I was pleased with how fast I was able to get in & how friendly the service was. Tammy was great at customizing the massage to meet my needs & left me feeling relaxed & ache free. I would definitely recommend Meridian Massage to my friends & family & will returning in the near future."

Robert Calver

"After experiencing different massage therapy treatments. I decided to give Mandarin massage a try. In the past I spent six months in massage therapy due to an MVA, two months at different massage clinic for a broken knee, only to feel that both places were just processing clients. After my first experience at Mandarin I was hooked. On top of my previous ailments. I have also been diagnosed with Parkinson's. The quality and professionalism far exceeds any experience I've had in the past. I would recommend Mandarin to anybody without hesitation. I've joked many a times with Tammy in regards to the fact that I have paid a woman to walk all over me and actually enjoy it. lol. In all seriousness, the relaxation and quality of massage is hard to explain without actually enjoying the pleasure of one yourself. I know that after a 90 minute massage takes me quite some time to be able to get up off the table. Tammy would like to thank you and keep up the good work. You are awesome."




"If you have not experienced Ashiatsu massage you are missing out on being totally relaxed.  Tammy's professionalism is only exceeded by this unforgettable technique."

Joyce Monds

"Hi Tammy, Recently, because I was experiencing some tension with a few aches and pains, I acted on a suggestion from my husband Earl, who has experienced very favourable  results from his treatments with you. I made an appointment , requesting a 'relaxation massage'. To say I was pleased with the results of my visit, would be a understatement . I came  away feeling 100%. Again the entire atmosphere was quieting and tension free and the gentle massaging produced a general feeling of well being for me. Rest assured , you will be seeing more of both my husband and I. Thank You."

Mike M.

"This was my first experience with Ashiatsu massage and the results were impressive...for the first time in months I actually had a restful sleep :)  Professional and knowledgeable, Tammy makes you feel totally at peace in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. I will be returning and highly recommend!"


"I must say that was the best massage I have ever had. You seem to know exactly how much pressure to apply and to where."   


"Having recently moved to the Belleville area, I decided to try Meridian Massage for the first time and was not disappointed. Tammy is very professional, attentive and talented. I arrived with sore muscles and left feeling great. A wonderful and comfortable experience. I will be booking with her again for sure."

John Barry

"For the past 25 years I have been having regular massage for lower back pain.  The Ashiatsu Tammy gives with her feet is a deep massage that the hands, forearms and elbows cannot give.  Great job Tammy, I would highly recommend that you call her for an appointment."




"Regarding Ashiatsu massage (Part 1):  I live close to Toronto and have dedicated the last few years to find the deepest of deep tissue massages.  I was pleased to discover Ashiatsu almost two years ago now.  For myself, there is a difference between deep pressure (using elbows, forearms, and knuckles) and deep tissue.  Deep pressure is easy to find but often leaves me sore and not very relaxed.  Ashiatsu solves this issue by increasing the force applied while spreading out the pressure.  My body can definitely tell the difference...  Since discovering this wonderful massage technique, I have searched all of the greater Toronto area in hopes of finding locations that offer Ashiatsu.  After locating several possibilities, I was able to narrow the list down to just one in Toronto.  The others either didn't really offer this advertised service or had very little experience because this technique was often requested.  Even the one location I found only had 1 out of 6 therapists that were comfortable performing this technique.  Having limited experience to Ashiatsu, I had little to no expectations of what I should be receiving at each session.  I was just happy to be receiving this superior force/pressure on my back..... Continued....

Regarding Ashiatsu massage (Part 2):  I was visiting my parents in Belleville and helping with some renovations around the house for about a week.  At the end of the week my back was sore and I needed my Ashiatsu, but where could I find it? I had trouble finding it in Toronto, how could I hope to find anything around here? To my surprise I found Tammy, here in Belleville, and let me tell you something about her massage.  After 90 minutes with her, I realized that these massages I have had over the last two years were not actually Ashiatsu, they were just "back walking".  I now understand the difference. Ashiatsu uses the foot as a means to deliver the optimal amount of pressure for all parts of the body (not just the back).  The larger surface area of the foot eliminates that digging feeling you get when you ask for more pressure from the therapist.  Tammy did a full body massage for me, and I'm pretty sure she used her feet the entire time.  I was sooo relaxed I honestly could not tell if it was her hands or feet or both....This was a huge difference from anything I had experienced in the past.  I cannot go back to the "back walking" type of massage now, but Belleville is a long drive from where I live.....continued....  

Regarding Ashiatsu massage (Part 3):  At first I was reluctant to get a massage at someone's residence. I didn't really know what I was getting myself into or what kind of services does she actually provide. I can honestly say that within the first couple of minutes after I walked into her house I felt at ease and very comfortable.  Tammy goes above and beyond to ensure you are relaxed.  There was not one awkward moment the entire time.  She explains everything in detail before and during the process.  The décor and atmosphere is very warm and calming, you can tell that every single detail has been taken care of.  This is a very clean and comfortable environment.    I cannot stress the importance of this final statement enough....If you have read through this lengthy comment; chances are that you could use a massage, so call and book an appointment.  This is one of those rare opportunities where you get to recommend this massage to your friends and have them repeatedly come back and thank you for sharing this experience with them...It doesn't get any better than this, The End...."



mike boucher

"ashiatsu massage.never thought id enjoy a woman walking all over me.lol.once she starts working your problem areas,u can feel urself relax and detense.her feet work as well as her hands.totally enjoyed the experience.definately get it again and highly recommend it.great person,relaxed atmosphere,fantastic feet.oh ya,and hands.try it,u wont believe how great you feel afterwards"

Rick R

"It was a very relaxing experience the background music was relaxing the massage was very deep and relaxing as well.It helped loosen muscles I didn't realize were tightened up until I saw Tammy for my 90 min massage I would recommend her to anyone that needs to de-stress or has old injury's that need relaxing."

Glenn Bebee

"I have had traditional deep tissue massages from RMT,s for over 15 years since a lower back injury that compressed 3 vertabrae .I have never had the relief that I have experienced since I started Ashiatsu with Tammy.Thanks Glenn"

Lisa P

"It was a really relaxing experience which is why I went. I went for the 90 minute massage and as the time went on I really began to notice my thoughts turning to less stressful things. At the end of 90 minutes I felt like myself again. :) Thanks Tammy!! Definitely will rebook."

Hung Truong

"Tammy is great!  Recent business trip to Trenton/Belleville and found her through web search.  She gave me a great deep tissue massage, very thorough and professional; got rid of my shoulders’s kink  and back’ stiffness due to driving from Ottawa.  I definitely would see her again when I have a chance." 



John M.

"I have had more than one ashiatshu massage and as far as I'm concerned it's the only way to go. I would recommend this massage to anyone"

Ian McCutcheon

"Tammy is a professional and cares about her clients. I highly recommend her to all. I had an amazing Ashiatsu massage and it made me very relaxed and stress free. Looking forward to my next app't."


"Never had ashiatsu massage, Tammy suggested and I went for the 90 minutes. It was very relaxing and took away a lot of stress It was a very different experience. I will book again."


"I booked a massage with Tammy a few weeks ago. I had in the past experienced a great regular massage but this time she asked if I would like to try the Ashiatsu. It was a real surprise when I realized she was going to be rubbing my back with her feet and not her hands, at first I was feeling a bit reluctant due to this being 'new' to me; but this dissolved after about 15 seconds with Tammy's amazing skill.  I experienced a profound relaxation, a deep massage like I have not experienced before. It was so amazing I booked one the following week for a friend for a gift. I felt great for weeks. Thanks Tammy for your amazing skills and dedication to the work." 

Jim L

"Tammy is a gifted and caring person who combines her talent with compassion to create a very effective massage. Great job Tammy!  Thanks."

Ron W.

"Tammy is an excellent deep tissue masseuse.  It's all about blood circulation to a long time muscle issue years ago.  She works out the kinks and gets everything going again."




"Tammy has great hands and cares about her work. I've had many massages but this one tops the list."

Judy Galway

"Tammy is knowledgeable regarding treatment of muscular-skeletal, soft tissue issues. She can give relief through massage and provide  advice to better deal with the problem of pain."     


"Tammy is an excellent massage therapist, loved my massage experience....relaxation at its best!"

Wayne Dickey

"Tammy is the best, and she cares. Wish I could have Tammy give me a massage everyday. Super hands."


"Tammy is a very talented and intuitive massage therapist. I highly recommend trusting your aching muscles to her skillful hands!"


"You are the best and strongest person to give me a massage so far."