Ashiatsu Testimonials:

"I feel fantastic leaving each and every time. The massage is second to none and I would never think to go anywhere else!"
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"If you have not experienced Ashiatsu massage you are missing out on being totally relaxed. Tammy's professionalism is only exceeded by this unforgettable technique."
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"This was the absolutely best massage experience ever and I would highly recommend Tammy to anyone who requires such therapy."
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Tammy Seitz
Massage Specialist
BRSNT Massage Diploma
Advanced Ashiatsu Diploma

77 Edgehill Road, Belleville, Ontario
Mon-Fri 10am-8pm 
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Meridian Massage 

Oriental Bar Therapy

What is “Ashiatsu”?

Ashiatsu literally translates from Japanese ……. “Ashi meaning “foot” and “Atsu” meaning “pressure”.

    Ashiatsu is a highly effective massage treatment,

where the practitioner uses their feet to apply slow,
flowing, compressive strokes to the client’s body.

Overhead bars mounted to the ceiling above the

massage table enables the therapist to carefully

control the amount of pressure applied, allowing the

intensity of the massage to be specifically tailored to

the needs and comfort level of each client.

   The use of “naturally padded” feet allows for 

acceptance of deeper pressure, without the usual

discomfort associated with traditional deep tissue

therapy. This benefits the client by resulting in 

greater therapeutic effect from deeper tissue work,

while the broad rhythmic strokes make for an

extraordinarily soothing experience. It is truly an

exceptional blend of therapy and relaxation.

There is definite truth to the saying that Ashiatsu is:

"The deepest and most luxurious massage on the planet."

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